My goal for every project I work on

As clear as possible.
As bold as necessary.
At best with perceptible soul.
And if all narratives fit the strategy, it is meaning- and beautiful.

I am Hildburg Rolfsen

I am an independent creative who likes context and concept driven projects. It brings me great joy to conceive solutions out of problems and to transform ideas into something functional that people love to use. I believe in the power of visual communication to create experiences. I am curious about the ideas of others and enjoy making things happen — together. And I like exploring the nuances beyond the black and white.

What I love and focus on

.     idea, concept, gestaltung and creative direction as well

In detail

.     strategic positioning
.     visual identities (comprehensive or fine and tiny)
.     design systems
.     brand communication and experiences
.     ui-concepts
.     styleguides
.     editorial
.     iconography
.     information design
.     incorporating the space into experiences
.     onboardings, trainings, lectures and teaching students
.     and basically any new task that makes my mind moving

Two notes:
1.   Well founded ideas and visual interpretations require exchanges with the people involved and also time. In my experience investing time at the beginning of a project always pays off as it speeds the process up further down the line. Same mindset? Perhaps this is the start of a journey.   2.   Sound concepts and elaborated design are valuable. That is why I don’t take part in unpaid pitches which require this. Meetings to show cases, talk about experiences and to get to know each other are, of course, very welcome.

I like to collaborate with friends and colleagues in cases like

.     comprehensive re-/brandings
.     comprehensive ux-/ui-projects
.     coding
.     elaborate animation and movies
.     packaging
.     spacial design
.     text
.     naming
.     exchanging challenging, smart or just crazy ideas


.     Many years at Interbrand and MetaDesign, a while at Deloitte Digital and wirDesign, several freelance projects as well as lectures for students and teaching at the university.
For more detailed information, please go to my linkedin profile.

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Many inspirations happen while I wander around urban spaces as a flâneur. And spending time by the sea keeps me grounded.

You need support with one of the topics above?
You are in Berlin and feel like sharing a cup of coffee?

Just send me a note.


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